Another Odd Day

Another Odd Day

Today was once again uneventful. I am finishing up tweaking my mail server, and napped a good part of the day because I’m not feeling well. Woke up briefly to a call from the car dealership telling us that Dan’s car is ready– and the problem with it was exactly what I figured; They changed the oil and rotated the tires a couple of months ago, but didn’t follow the manufacturer’s procedures. It’s a 2015 Smart Car, and the tires on the back are completely different sizes and styles from the front. They’re supposed to be rotated only left to right, not front to back. It was downright unstable and dangerous to drive, and it took them two weeks just to get an appointment to look at it. No charge to “fix” it (damn right!), but we didn’t even get an apology for the mistake, at least not over the phone.

Jerry’s tank in the office, prior to water scrubbing.

This evening I decided to finally move poor Jerry the goldfish from the upstairs bathroom to the office. Now he doesn’t get to watch us do our business anymore, but he’s much more visible down here. I’m sure the cats will enjoy his presence.

Jerry in his temporary home while his tank gets cleaned and balanced.

Speaking of cats, Shadow has decided this evening that my kitchen counter is his new napping spot.

WTF, Shadow!

That’s about it for today, unfortunately. I’m up for most of the night now, so we’ll see what other boring things happen around this house. As soon as I get this mail server and Jerry finished up, I will be moving on to new projects!

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