Mail Server Accomplished

It’s been kind of a screwed up few days, but I finally got my mail server (postfix/dovecot/mysql) working. Actually, it WAS working, but then stopped working when I tried to implement postfixadmin. After hours of researching cryptic error messages, I finally ended up uninstalling everything mail related including config files and starting over. This finally fixed the little “Internal error, check the server log for details” (there were no details, despite logging of everything turned on!)

Now I can finally return my attention to, among other things, finishing up the NEC monitor remote control project. We replaced our Chromecast with an Amazon Firestick, because Google royally pissed me off– which is, incidentally, why I built my own mail server to begin with, because I’m moving away from everything Google as much as possible. I’ll detail my beef with Google in another post. But anyway, the Chromecast had a volume control and the Firestick doesn’t, so we need to be able to control the volume from the remote ASAP before everyone in this house gangs up on me for making watching TV more difficult.

So I’ll wrap this up for now. I’m sure I’ll be posting details about the remote control soon!

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