Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Just a quick post showing the wind turbine. It feeds the power system through a separate controller than the solar panels. The turbine is a $120 3 blade, “500 watt” version bought from eBay. I’d say 500 watts is being quite generous, but it does definitely add power to the system on windy days, particularly if the wind is from the south or east. It’s mounted on a 24′ mast made of 4×4 treated lumber. The white, weatherproof box near the top of the mast contains the 3 phase rectifier stack. We are restricted in height here due to property and power lines, so unfortunately the turbine is shielded from winds from the south and somewhat from the west.

Wind turbine seen from back yard

I’ve not yet measured exactly how much power this rig puts out, but I will be adding power metering soon (and will document this in another post!).

Close up of mast bracing against mud room soffit.

I’ll post more on my little micro wind power experiment when I add the power metering!

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