The Cativerse is a peek into the life and mind of the author; A nerdy 40-something from Western New York and her family of husband, kids, cats and other critters, and her various household and sometimes ridiculous Maker projects.

Pixel sniffing out a treat

Pixel is our seven year old tiger. We rescued him from a collapsed garage on partially abandoned property when he was a kitten. He is always first in line at the food dish and begs like no other cat I’ve ever met. He doesn’t like to cuddle but he loves his chin and belly rubs.

Q is daydreaming about killing all humans and taking over the world.

Q is nine years old and is the sister to Shadow and cousin to Braveheart. She is cautious but friendly and loves to lay on her humans to get warm and comfy. Q and Leo have a mutual hatred of each other but they generally avoid each other so most of the time this isn’t a problem. Her favourite cartoon character is Bender from Futurama.

Braveheart… being Braveheart.

Braveheart is the most adorable fat cat you’ve ever met. She has a genetic condition that makes her adorably round with a tiny little face. She is playful and loves everyone. She is often found napping in our bedroom with one or more of the tiger boys. She is cousin to Shadow and Q and is about a week younger than them.

One of the few photos where Shadow doesn’t look like a dark, blurry blob. Black cats are very difficult to photograph.

Shadow is a fluffy giant. He is not pedigreed but closely resembles a Norwegian Forest Cat. He is obscenely lazy but very loving if you give him pets and play string with him. He does not get along with any of the other cats but tolerates Braveheart. His favourite TV character is Gob from Arrested Development. He is the brother of Q and cousin to Braveheart.

Pixel & Leo napping together.

Leo is the youngest of our bunch. He is a “brother” to Rumpole, who was an elderly cat we adopted from Second Chance Sheltering Network. He sticks closely with Pixel and sometimes snuggles with Braveheart. He always seems to be bored even when he’s playing. His favourite human is Dan, and he can often be found napping on Dan’s stomach.

In Memory of Rumpole

Rumpole was 15 when we adopted he and Leo. They came as a pair, and my heart broke when it seemed no one wanted to adopt elderly Rumpole, so we took them both. Rumpole was a little loverboy and had a curious look and a happy purr. He sadly passed away of Leukemia in 2015.

Kelli is a former radio engineer who these days spends much of her free time working on “Maker” projects, designing and building various doodads using Arduinos, ESP8266’s, Raspberry Pi’s, and such.

1/2 of Kelli’s workshop.
Initial testing of solar panels in backyard solar/wind farm
Home-Brew Solar & Wind power system.