Mail Server Accomplished

It’s been kind of a screwed up few days, but I finally got my mail server (postfix/dovecot/mysql) working. Actually, it WAS working, but then stopped working when I tried to implement postfixadmin. After hours of researching cryptic error messages, I finally ended up uninstalling everything mail related including config files and starting over. This finally … Read moreMail Server Accomplished

Kitty Poo Club Litter Box Review

We are on our fourth month of trying Kitty Poo Club as a replacement for traditional litter boxes. With five cats in the house, litter is a real chore. I try to keep a schedule of cleaning litter boxes twice a day, which is pretty much necessary unless you enjoy living in stink [I don’t!] … Read moreKitty Poo Club Litter Box Review

Arduino Infrared Remote Control For NEC Plasmasync Monitor

A few years ago I acquired an NEC 50XP10 50″ plasma monitor. It’s certainly now considered “old technology” but it has a DVI input, built in 8 watt stereo amp, and a really nice picture. There’s just something about these vintage plasma monitors that makes everything look like it’s being shown on a movie theater … Read moreArduino Infrared Remote Control For NEC Plasmasync Monitor