Too long since my last post!

I started this site with the intent of posting something every day, or close to it. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Life’s been pretty busy the last couple of months. Holidays, home renovations, birthdays, office move… I’m hoping to be posting again regularly. So anyway… Here’s a pic of the new office space.

Mail Server Accomplished

It’s been kind of a screwed up few days, but I finally got my mail server (postfix/dovecot/mysql) working. Actually, it WAS working, but then stopped working when I tried to implement postfixadmin. After hours of researching cryptic error messages, I finally ended up uninstalling everything mail related including config files and starting over. This finally … Read moreMail Server Accomplished

Kitty Poo Club Litter Box Review

We are on our fourth month of trying Kitty Poo Club as a replacement for traditional litter boxes. With five cats in the house, litter is a real chore. I try to keep a schedule of cleaning litter boxes twice a day, which is pretty much necessary unless you enjoy living in stink [I don’t!] … Read moreKitty Poo Club Litter Box Review